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Contribute Content

Members of the UC Merced campus community are encouraged to publish their audio, video and PDF content through UC Merced on iTunes U. Read on to learn how you can become a contributor and submit your content for use on UC Merced on iTunes U.

Content Requirements

Any educational or informational content created for the purpose of supporting UC Merced's mission of teaching, research and public service is allowed on UC Merced on iTunes U. This includes content related to course lectures, faculty research, athletics, student events, performing arts, campus news or any other university-related topics that are of interest to the general public. The content should be either:

  1. Self-authored the content for which you have obtained written consent from every identifiable individual featured in the podcast, or
  2. Copyrighted material for which you have received expressed written consent from the intellectual property owner to use on UC Merced on iTunes U.

In addition, the content must:

Obtaining Consent for Recording or Use

If the content is self-authored — i.e., you wrote, designed, recorded or otherwise created the content — you are the intellectual property owner and have full rights to submit the content for use on iTunes U. However, you must obtain written consent from every identifiable individual in the content before UC Merced can post the content online.

Any content you did not create yourself may be protected as intellectual property under copyright law. As a contributor, it is your responsibility to ensure that the use of copyrighted material in your content does not violate federal copyright law or University of California policy. Therefore, you must obtain the intellectual property owner's written consent to use the content. Review UC's Guide for Obtaining Permission to learn more.

All written consent must be archived for seven years after the material is no longer available on UC Merced on iTunes U.

Prepare Your Content

There are several issues to consider when preparing your content for uploading to UC Merced on iTunes U, such as file types, naming conventions, accessibility and metadata. Content that does not adhere to our guidelines will not be posted online; therefore, be sure to review the frequently asked questions before submitting your content.

Request to Become a Contributor

Only members of the UC Merced campus community (individuals with a valid UCMNetID) can contribute content to UC Merced on iTunes U. If you have a large amount of content to contribute, or your content needs to be updated frequently, you may be provided administrator access to UC Merced on iTunes U.

Submit Your Content

Once you have been approved to be a content contributor, you will be given access to the content submission form, which allows you to upload your files you wish to add to UC Merced on iTunes U. Your submission will be reviewed within two business days and, if approved, published to the UC Merced on iTunes U site for public access. You will also receive notification when your content has been added.


Email the Office of Communications.