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Copyright Guidelines

UC Merced follows University of California copyright policies and guidelines for publishing content on iTunes U.

Contributor Responsibilities

As an approved iTunes U content contributor, you may submit self-authored content — i.e., you wrote, designed, recorded or otherwise created the content — for use on iTunes U. As the intellectual property owner, you have full rights to submit the content for use on iTunes U, and your submission is considered implied consent for UC Merced to use the content on iTunes U.

You may also submit copyrighted content for which you have obtained the intellectual property owner's consent. The owner's consent must be in written format and kept on record for seven years after the material is no longer available on iTunes U. Contributors may not submit copyrighted content for which consent was not obtained.

Contributors must also obtain written consent from every identifiable individual in the content submitted for use on iTunes U before UC Merced can post the content online. This consent must also be kept on record for seven years after the content is no longer available online.

Removal of Content

UC Merced will remove any content the university reasonably believes violates intellectual property law or policy, or for which the university receives a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notification.

DMCA Agent

In compliance with the DMCA, the university has designated the following individual as an agent to receive notices from any intellectual property owner alleging that UC Merced on iTunes U is infringing on his/her copyright:

Richard Kogut
Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer

UC Merced
Information Technology Department
5200 North Lake Rd.
Merced, CA 95348

T: (209) 228-4315
F: (209) 228-4006