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UC Merced on iTunes U is an educational site that provides mobile access to multimedia content produced by our campus community. Using iTunes, you can access video and audio of faculty and guest lectures, athletics, student events, performing arts, campus news and features, and much more. Users can download content to a PC, Mac, iPod, iPhone or other mobile device that supports iTunes or subscribes to podcasts. Each new installment will be automatically downloaded for later use.

Currently, all content is free and fully accessible by the public, so UC Merced students and lifelong learners alike can enrich their knowledge anywhere, any time.

Get iTunes U

  1. Download the iTunes installation file.
  2. Double click on the downloaded file and follow the installation prompts.
  3. Launch iTunes.

Access UC Merced on iTunes U

You can launch UC Merced on iTunes U from this site.

Access, Download and Subscribe to Content

Begin by browsing collections available in UC Merced on iTunes U, and click on the artwork or name of the collection you wish to access. You can then:

  • Access a track — Click on the track name, then click the play button.
  • Download a track — Click the "Get" button next to the track name.
  • Download a collection — Click the "Get Tracks" button next to the artwork for the collection (this downloads all tracks in the collection).
  • Subscribe to a collection — Click the "Subscribe" button next to the artwork for the collection.

The content you download from UC Merced on iTunes U will be added to a "UC Merced" collection. Subscribing to content will ensure that each new installment is automatically downloaded into your "UC Merced" collection.

Become a Contributor

Members of the campus community are welcome to submit content for use on UC Merced on iTunes U. Whether you have just a few media files or need your own category, we'll help you through the process. Start by requesting to become a contributor.

You must have a valid UCMNetID to submit content or apply to become a regular contributor.

Guidelines for Contributed Content

All contributed content must adhere to the guidelines set for in UC Merced's:

Have Questions or Feedback?

UC Merced on iTunes U is a project managed by the Office of Communications. We are continually adding content, so check back frequently. If you have suggestions for how we can improve UC Merced on iTunes U or have questions, contact us.